Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A smile at the pump

Usually when I fill up, then drive a block and see gas for $.14/gal less I get upset. While I don't think it makes sense to drive all over town for lower priced gas, I like to spend as little as possible. But even though I saw cheaper gas as soon as I'd topped off on Sunday night I was ok. Why you ask? Because my fill up was $21.48!

Our gas prices have continued to drop, so today I could fill up for almost half of the going rate last May. This would be an easy time to slack off and drive for the sake of driving but I'm still going to still try to hypermile and plan trips for smart driving. I am at the dealership finally getting my car serviced so hopefully I'll be able to push my MPG up 1-2 more miles.

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FruGal said...

My dad will drive for miles to save half a cent on petrol. It doesn't make sense to me, because he must use more petrol driving around looking than he saves on the half cent a litre! I'm hoping airfares will also start dropping thanks to falling fuel prices too.