Friday, October 30, 2009

The Inconsiderate Theives

In the second half of summer I started wishing for fall. This summer was rough on multiple levels and I hoped the change of season, the change of light, temperature and smell would somehow change the trajectory of our luck, karma, or whatever you want to call it.

That's a bit melodramatic. But it's been a crazy few months. The cherry on top was our house being burglarized earlier this week. Things were taken in 2's. Toys that could fit in a book bag, and mysteriously 2 pans.

To get in they broke the glass in our front door, leaving a softball sized hole. Further compromising the security of our house. Sending cold air in or warm air out. On the eve of a 2 day storm that brought us 15 inches of snow. In case you're wondering, getting a door replaced in the middle of a major snow storm- not so easy.

This post has been the most down I've been about the whole thing. In the grand scheme of things it's not that bad. My husband and I are safe. My engagement ring, the piece of jewelery I'm most sentimental about, was in the house and it was not taken. Neither were 2 credit cards that weren't put away. The three external hard drives that back up each of our personal laptops and my work laptop (which had a virus a few weeks back) were all left. Did I mention that we're both OK?

That afternoon we got to hang out with a CSI who drives around in an awesome van. I even got to direct a few places to look for fingerprints. So far the insurance process has been positive. In the end we'll get to go on a guilt free mini shopping spree. Shopping that will be (based on our insurance agent's explanation) fully funded by something other than our bank accounts.* The double paned cardboard I've fashioned around the whole are working surprisingly well even if it looks totally ghetto.

So all in all, it could have been much worse. There are a million ways that this could have gone differently. I've gotten really good at looking for silver linings. But seriously, who throws a rock through a window the day before a snowstorm? It's just rude.

*Though I guess we're just getting back the premiums we've been paying in.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Networth + Debt Reduction Payoffs

Since typing my last post I've been updating our household and my personal money spreadsheet. The household one is usually in progress because I track bill payments there. I hadn't updated my spreadsheet, networth IQ, or my sidebars since August.

What a difference 2 months makes.

The efund is up 7%.
End of PMI is down 3%
The Prius down 11%

My net worth is up 119.41%

It's good to know that our autopilot is working

Auto Pilot

When I posted a month ago I thought I was ready to jump back into blogging. Now I realize that it wasn't so. A combination of auto pilot, boredom, and no time kept me away.

I've finally found a system that I like. We're still doing the 80% to the household 20% for fun/hobbies split. My husband is in his high earning season, the perfect time for us to move to paying everything from his portion of the household money. His check has been paying the mortgage, Prius payment, utilities, insurance escrow and household credit card bill. Some of his check has also gone into what I have named the 'low months fund.' This fund will balance the upcoming months when my husband's checks take a dive. My check is going to the emergency fund, extra car payments, and another new ING sub account, house savings.

The new house savings account is for things like furniture, that are too expensive to just add to a month. Though we've live in our house for more than a year with the exception of my nightstand and 2 bookcases we haven't purchased any furniture since going from small condo. I've been the one holding back on spending but I think this gives us a responsible way to put funds aside to make out house more inviting. On my short list-dining table, sofa, outdoor table.

Maybe boredom isn't the right word. I'm just not as excited as I once was about personal finance. Amongst my friends I'm still the pf nerd, answering questions and making suggestions. When I started this blog I'd get ideas while driving around and a lack of posts usually indicated a lack of time to type them up. I haven't been getting the ideas. I scroll through my reader regularly but I have more than 600 articles hanging out. This morning I cut a few mega blogs that post multiple times a day.

Also contributing to the boredom- no matter what I do out next financial goal is at least a year off. Our current debts (Prius, my brain aka student loans, house) are all more than $20,000. I have interim goals (Prius @ $20,000 by beginning of 2010), but they're just not as exciting.

Lack of time
I've been working at the museum every weekend, in addition to the 45-50 hours I put in at my daytime gig. The temperatures have dropped, yesterday was our 3rd light snow this season, meaning my need to create has exploded. Currently I have 2 scarves and a kitchen mat in progress. This weekend I sewed 2 cosmetic bags for my new purse. The cue of projects is long and the time to work on them is short.

That's where I am this month. I may be back later this week, but maybe not. I hope you're doing well.