Monday, February 23, 2009

Debt Payoff Celebration

As we get closer to paying off our car loan (less than 3K left!) I’ve been thinking about ways to celebrate. The thing that keeps floating to the top of my mind is backyard décor. When we moved in we were focused on things like moving costs, getting vents cleaned, appliances delivered, internet set up, and such that we didn’t really do anything buy haphazardly water our backyard*.

My short list includes a grill that cannot fit on top of a table, a table/chair set, and some additional chairs. It may or may not expand as I explore a bit more.

The plan (depending on his commissions and how much I work outside of work) is to have the car paid off in April or May. The next month instead of snowballing our next goal (saving for a car for Gameboy) the money $325 car payment and extra money goes towards back yard stuff.
We’ll still research and buy the highest quality within our budget. But this way we get a fun brake from the serious and make our home a bit cozier. I still need to discuss this with Gameboy but I think he’ll agree.

*We didn’t get the replacement part for the sprinkler until September. Then we realized it was even more broken. On the sprinkler guys recommendation we’re waiting until spring. So we used a hose end attachment (when we remembered) during the last months of summer.

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