Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing Passwords

I do 98% of my banking/bill paying online. I'm also the one in my marriage who handles the bill paying. My husband is in charge of starting up service when we need it and we alternate calling in when there's a problem. This system works for us in every way but one- passwords.

For my personal accounts I use a system with a word (ie green) a number (ie 49) and the domain name of the sight. So at Bank of America my password would be green49boa. The root stays the same but the domain name makes each individual password unique.

My husband rotates through 3-4 passwords that look something like ThYgIfRk. Something I will never ever ever remember.

We've tried coming up with a root to use my system, but all of the things we can agree on I think anyone else could easily figure out if they know basics of our life (or take a look at facebook).

This is slightly irritating when I have to call Comcast or Verizon to deal with a service issue. The greater problem is this doesn't pass the 'hit by a bus test.' If I got hit by a bus tomorrow my husband wouldn't be able to get onto most of our online accounts.

So how do you share this info? Do you create a password together? Is there a piece of paper buried somewhere in your house with all of the passwords written down? Do you just not worry?


me in millions said...

I like the idea of using the domain name in passwords to keep them all different but easy to remember. Never thought of that before!

Jenn @ Paying Myself said...

For a while I had a notepad file on my computer with all my passwords. Horrifying but true! But now it's out of date and if I got hit by a bus tomorrow B would probably have a great deal of trouble getting into a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and mother both have all of my passwords on encrypted USB drives with all passwords. I update it 2x/year for my boyfriend and once a year for my mom.