Monday, May 24, 2010

Unexpected Pregnancy Expenses

There are a couple of things you expect to spend money on when you're pregnant. The are the clothes, the doctors appointments and prenatal classes. In the past few months I've noticed a few other areas.

Most recently it's been gasoline. Before I started growing another person I was always cold when it was cold and really good at withstanding the heat. Like I lived in DC for 2 years with no A/C and didn't melt. What people failed to tell me is that being pregnant is like turning on a furnace in your body. Now if it's warmer than 73 and sunny I have to have the A/C on in my car. I have tried all sorts of things (cold water in the car, fan going, windows, A/C for a few to cool the car then the fan) and none of it works. I end up crabby at best, but most days it's more along the lines of feeling faint.

Similarly, I'm expecting our electric bill to go up over the summer. Usually we just open windows at night and do nothing during the day over the summer months. Hubby complains here and there but otherwise deals. Something tells me I won't be able to. This is still uncertain because warm days in clumps it's still been pretty cold here. Our furnace is still going since I caved in October and got it started for the season.

Then there's food. Not so much the volume, but the kinds/quality. I'm trying to buy more organics when it comes to fruits and veggies. I'm also being careful about protein. I met with a dietitian last fall and her main point for my vegetarian pregnancy was getting 3 animal sources of protein a day and eating enough protein in general. I made the switch from regular yogurt to Greek yogurt because of it's higher protein ounce for ounce.

On the other hand there are the things that I inexplicably crave. Like K*raft Mac and Cheese. The volume of prepared things I buy because I'm often lacking in energy or the going out to eat is not good, but I have to eat. Also, all of a sudden I hate leftovers. I put a 24-36 hour window on anything I bring home in case it appeals to me again but my husband is definitely benefiting.


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