Saturday, January 26, 2008

how i got here

I’m on second ‘real’ job. To me a real job is one that: fits with your overarching career plan, has benefits, and is full time. The first ‘real’ job was back east at a national non-profit. After a couple years I moved to the mountains for a guy and grad school. The plan was to live off of my savings, use loans to pay for tuition, and get a part time job to supplement the fun stuff. Then life happened.

His industry fell apart. Working was not an option for the first 8 months of my program.

Six months out of school my total debt is up to $38,000. That’s a combination of school and car I bought in January 07. The school interest is almost double the car interest, so it will get the bulk of my attention. Nearly $5,000 is also in the bank in a car fund. Until last week my high yield savings account was outpacing the car interest, but that’s a story for another day.

On the plus side (after looking at those number I need some sunshine) I have no credit card debt. And even though the new job doesn’t pay as much as I’d like (a serious understatement) there is a steady demand for our product, so job security isn’t a concern.

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