Monday, August 10, 2009

Down to 3

This weekend we did something that I thought was very fun- we paid off one more debt! When we bought the house we did a 1 year 0% interest thing for our appliances. When it comes to 0% deals I like having my cash hang out and earn money. Last summer was also not the best for cash flow, what with the house buying, moving, wedding, moving his dad across the country and in with us, and general life.

We saved a bit towards this goal each month, though this was ususally the last priority if things were thight. On the other hand if there was a surplus we would throw a chunk into the savings account. Since May the account was sitting at 91%. After our last round of checks I put aside the last couple hundred and transfered what we had been saving at ING.

As we walked out of the Lowe's where we paid it off I did a little dance, making him laugh at me. I looked at him and said "Three- we're down to only 3 debts." Since those remaining debts are all more than $25,000 we'll be working at them for a while, but I'm happy to have one less place to focus.

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Mrs. Smith said...

Congratulations- What a great feeling!