Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Expensive Yes

Recently my friend Anne got engaged. She and her boyfriend recently took a vacation and I commented to my husband that if he didn't pop the question on the trip I'd have to beat him up. Luckily he did, at a place that means a lot to them, so I don't have to fly across the country and whoop his behind.

Anne and I met at my first 'real' job. Over a few months we got closer and she became a part of my circle of friends. We had regular chip + guac dates to discuss the guys we were dating. The night before her first date with Oz I ended up spending the night at her house. Maybe there was snow? Or we stayed out too late and I missed the last train? Or maybe because we were in our early 20's and why not? I ended up making her late to the date where everything went wrong in the best possible way.

This weekend she asked me to be her co-maid of honor. Without a thought I said yes because I love her and I love them and I can't think of a better way to celebrate their union.

Then the responsibilities and associated costs hit me. She's in the mid-Atlantic and the wedding will be in New England. I'm not. Assuming 2 trips (combined shower/bachlorette weekend then the wedding) at $300/flight, the trip to the wedding for the hubby, a dress, and food/lodging/alcohol for it all this is looking like a $1.5-2K answer.

On the up side my personal savings fund could pay for this now and I have 18 months to get things sorted out. I'll be renaming one of my ING subaccounts for the wedding and cutting back on my personal spending so I can save more.


me in millions said...

I like to think of it as a "friend tax." It's part of the cost of having good friends. Start the saving now...

Aaren said...

Definitely start saving now, and I will hope that your friend does the shower/party very close to the wedding. My good friend had her shower 3 days before the wedding so people could just stay there. Bless her heart!