Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You know you're a dork when...

you track who gets to take the polling calls.

This is my first time living and voting* in a swing state. This means a barrage of political ads. The only thing that makes up for this is the polling calls.

Though I'm not making things political here, I have very strong views. Gameboy and I are also affiliated with different political parties. So I think we should alternate who responds to the calls, informing the polls.

Before today he'd gotten 3 and I'd gotten 1.** When he got what was obviously a poll call I intervened. I let him know it was my turn, and after some thought he handed over the phone. T

*My college town was in a swing state, but I didn't get registered in time.
**Is it crazy that my household has gotten 5 polling calls?

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