Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goal Implementation: Work Life Balance

So I'm working on the work life balance. And on Monday I did great! I even told my boss I was going to severely cut back on email from home and she said "Good!" So what has happened since then? My coworkers are dealing with a budget reconciliation that is not going so well. Five months, 2 fiscal years, new accountant, relatively new staff on our side= ugly. We're almost there and finance has extended the deadline by 2 days. Meanwhile I've worked an extra 5 hrs & 40 minutes in the past 2 nights. The fun part is this is in addition to my regular work.

Since there will always be deadline crunches I'm going to work on how I deal with the time. I'm going to start recording my extra time in my planner and actually take the time within 3 weeks. I'm also going to keep my to do list with me most of the time. Most of my "Oh crap, I need to...." moments happen in the car or at 9:30 on the couch. Then I get online and spend time working. Instead I'm going to add it to my to do list and deal with it the next day.

I'll check in later with progress. It's nice to have the support of my boss while I make these changes though.

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