Monday, January 12, 2009

This and that

I have a big mouth sometimes. I find myself volunteering information or for things without full details. This can be bad. The most recent case of this means I will be in a training 7 hours a day for the next 8 Saturdays. Yeah. On the plus side I get to take off a day during the week, though I don't know how I'll find the time. I'll also eventually be a trainer for this training, which pays $27/hr this year.

Babies are weighing heavily on my mind. My best friend in the city, my boss, and 3/4 of Gameboy's local friends that don't already have kids plus half of my long distance friends are pregnant. I fell like I should buy baby yarn in bulk and just continually make hats and booties. We plan to wait at least another year but the peer pressure is on full force. I've literally had 2-3 women all try to convince me that now is a great time because our kids could be the same age. Instead of saying yes I've been focused on getting the financial house in order and trying to set us up for happy financial times. I've been looking at ways to earn money from home (like the above training) and squeezing the budget in other areas to pay down the debt faster.

I'm also tryingot figure out a summer garden. Last summer we did a few containers when we moved in, but it was really late in the season. This year I want to do a raised bed garden in our yard. I've been trying to figure out where in the yard, what I want to plant, and the best seeds to get. Whenever I start a new project I tend to get a bit obscessive, so most of my reading lately has been about gardening. I'm also trying to figure out what things will do best in our high altitude/desert climate.

It's time to face the snowy commute now. I'm glad I have the option to wear jeans whenever.

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