Friday, January 2, 2009

Medicine by Mail

I decided to start the new year off by saving a bit of money. I have a daily prescription that costs $10 every 4 weeks. Over the course of the year that is around $130. There's also remembering the monthly drive to the pharmacy, which is only open 8-6 M-F.

The less expensive option? Prescriptions by mail. I called my HMO this morning to the the details. They essentially cut 1 copay off of 3 months of medicine, so I get a 3 month supply for $20. They also pay for shipping. Best of all it comes right to my door mailbox down the street.

So instead of $130, I'll be paying around between $80-100, depending on when my current fill runs out. To make my savings a little deeper I'll be paying with pre-tax dollars via my FSA.

So how can you look to save a little on prescriptions? If you have an HMO that requires you using specific pharmacies give them a call to see if they have a mail option. If you have a PPO (or something like it) call the pharmacy line on your insurance card. Ask those lovely people if there is a mail option. Also ask wherever you get your prescriptions. It seems like Walgreen's has a prescription mail option if you register on their site.

Enjoy the savings!

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