Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We finally have a closing date. Finally. A lot of the things that need to be scheduled related to the move (vent cleaning, movers for the big stuff, phone/internet/cable, appliances) couldn't be fully scheduled until we had a a date for keys. With each decision comes a lengthier list of considerations.

We've decided to go with a local family owned business for the vent cleaning instead of the local company that dominates the market. I asked about service similarities and liked what the owner had to say. A visit to my local Better Business Bureau's website confirmed my choices. The smaller company has had 1 complaint that they addressed. The larger company has had 4 that have not been addressed.

We're debating movers for our furniture. Really it's just the bedroom stuff. My concern is the folks that delivered it, guys who deliver furniture for a living, had a hard time navigating the stairs/ceiling/wall situation in our current apartment. I love Gameboy, but if professionals have issues I'm not sure how much faith I can put in Gameboy and a friend getting it done without damaging the furniture. And then there's the bed issue. My mom and I were here when they set up the bed but it all seemed a little crazy to me then, 2 years ago. The only other bed I've ever put together was from Ikea, and it had handy little instructions. Movers know how to do this sort of thing right?

Will Gameboy's dad (and I think this really means Gameboy) want to watch his local team while he's living with us? That means NFL Sunday ticket. Do we switch to the other company offering a 6 month intro rate? Or just stay put with a bill that I feel is too large? When it comes to the TV Gameboy's vice is football, mine is definitely our DVR. I like watching TV on my schedule and after 2 years I'm not sure if I can go back to recording with a VCR. It's not necessary for the decision, but it's a correlating decision.

The final thing on today's list is making a decision on where to buy appliances. We have the funds in the bank to pay for things but would not leave us much wiggle room. With all of the crazy changes going on I'd rather finance (no interest of course) put aside some extra money each month and earn interest on the money. The big question is do we buy it all from one place, without the best prices on each item, or go to multiple locations (and pay multiple delivery fees) to do the best on item prices. I'm going to call the one place that has everything on the list, see if they offer a deal for buying 5 appliances, get the details of their price guarantee (ie will they take prices from an outlet), and how long delivery will take.

I also need to unbury our couch b/c it will be the FIL's bed until we buy him one and start moving into the new place. Oh yeah, and do the work my employer pays me to do.

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Congratulations & good luck!! :)