Friday, July 11, 2008

June Net Worth

Instead of working I decided to calculate my June end net worth. It's a good thing my month is light because I've been pulling this kind of move way too often. So far today I've made 6 calls about personal stuff.

Anyway, back to the net worth. Despite last month's lack of saving or extra payments my net worth increased just a bit. Looking at the chart NetworthIQ has with each month's assets and liabilities laid out I realized I'm just shy of a $10K difference in my net worth.

Assets Liabilities Net Worth
June $19,227 $35,874 ($16,647)
May $19,727 $36,548 ($16,821)
April $17,087 $36,937 ($19,850)
March $14,678 $36,753 ($22,075)
February $13,372 $37,488 ($24,116)
January $11,485 $37,710 ($26,225)

If all goes well in the next week my net worth is going to plummet so I'm going to linger on that positive change while it lasts.

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Money Maus said...

Looks like you are doing great, keep it up :)