Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jury Duty

I breifly mentioned serving on a jury last week. The trial was three days longer than expected and all in all a stressful not fun experience. It was a murder trial, where a 16 yr old visiting a friends house was shot. At the time of the shooting the defendant was 19. Weighing the evidence, with a young man's life in the balance, and a young girls life ended, was not an easy thing. Especially since the evidence was based on a lot of he said, she said.

Despite the fact that it was a totally draining experience* I'm happy to have done it. Mainly because I believe it's an important cornerstone of our society and if everyone cops out, and there were some interesting ways that people tried, then no one gets justice.

We finished up Wednesday and ever since I've been buried in a mountain of work. I told my boss I was extending my month end deadlines by a week but even that is seeming impossible.

On other burners we're researching appliances (have any you love?), trying to get ready for our still undetermined but soon approaching (in the 3 weeks) closing dates, and helping family with some legal issues. I'm sure I'll be writing about all of that in the weeks to come. Thanks for being patient with the hiatus.

*The first day I came home ready to get in a few hours of work for my job. Days 2-8 anything that required though or effort was beyond me.

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SpillingBuckets said...

It's weird, but I've always wanted to sit in on a Jury for jury duty. I think it would be really interesting and maybe fun - although not murder cases.

I was called a bunch of times, but it was for the Connecticut courts after I had already moved to New York and couldn't come in. It took a crazy amount of work to get off CT's mailing list. (called 3 times, got called 4 times, in 3 months... )