Monday, August 4, 2008

Month End Review

My number one goal for July was to stay sane. I am happy to report that I've met that goal. Finacially things are all over the place. The sidebars are updated and descriptions are below.

So one savings and one debt payoff tracker crossed the 1/3 milestone this month. (Insert small happy dance) Unfortunately the e fund took a hit, dealing with Gameboy's dad's legal expenses, dropping from 70% to 50%. My student loans are staying steady at .3%, a number that makes me sad but based on the current plan is realistic.

The spectacular dive in net worth is due to the house. Though I'm further away from breaking even the house is worth it. I'm using half of the house value and half of the equity for my numbers. I do the same thing with our shared accounts.

So far August is looking good income wise. I have a lot of babysitting lined up, time to take surveys, and Gameboy's commission checks are starting to roll in. I'm pretty confident that we'll get the networth line moving upward again in the next month.

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