Monday, August 18, 2008

Yard fun

Dear weeds,

I now understand why people use toxic chemicals to banish you. Halfway through last nights front yard ordeal I almost gave in. Small front yard weeds, consider this a warning. You were spared last night. In the next week boiling water, vinegar, or my fingers are coming at you. Just give up ok? And backyard weeds- those of you that didn't succumb to the vinegar two weeks ago- your turn is coming. I'm not sure when, because the next few days are busy and I am sore, but don't expect to be around too much longer.

I have learned your tricks. I know who has prickles. I know who a bit more vinegar will kill. I've also perfected the grip/twist/pull technique that seems to be your downfall. As the new kids on the block the yard can only look crazy for so long. The leather gloves, full long sleeves, and closed shoes- I learned my lesson on 3/4 sleeves and flip flops last night- will be headed your way.


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