Monday, August 25, 2008


After a lot of talking, thinking, and hand wringing I decided to resign from my current job and take the job I was offered. Though it was a tough decision, in the end we decided it would be the best move for my career and financially.

The new position is definitely a step up, with more responsibility and a wider range of work. It's more in line with the kind of positions I envisioned when I went back to school. The increased salary will allow more savings for retirement and possibly (depending on how much goes to retirement) accelerate paying down our debts. I'm excited about having something more than a Roth earning money for the future.

My boss didn't take it well, but has recovered gracefully. The COO and the President at my current company both offered congratulations and said that while they are sad to loose me, they are excited about the company insight I will bring to the new position.

For the next two weeks I'll be working on closing out all of my files so that the burden on my coworkers is minimal. Then I'll be headed to the new place.

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