Monday, October 20, 2008

Low Earnings

Since starting the new job things have been going well. My monthly paychecks are up, but I'm not counting it because I haven't gotten my 403b stuff in yet. In the end my new job paychecks will be even with my old job paychecks.

This month I've also had a drop-off in the snowflakes coming in. This is largely because I haven't been focusing on increasing my earnings. I've decided that I'm ok with that through November 4th. This is largely so I can focus some extra time on my candidate and because the next two weekends are essentially spoken for. I'm headed to visit my mom on Thursday (first time in over a year!), headed from the airport to a concert on my return, and the following weekend is a surprise b-day party for a friend. Five friends are coming in from all over.

Since I'll be spending so much time focused on other things I'm going to do my best to reduce spending and enjoy all of the things going on around me.

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Cathy said...

Good for you--I'm trying to reduced spending, too. I'm having a hard time giving up my credit card--UGH.