Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thinking about the new year

I've never been one for resolutions. The few time's I've done them I've fallen in with the majority of the population that ends up breaking them by April. This year I'm going to work on goals. Some are financial, some are career related, and some are personal.

Pay off my car by May.

Buy Gameboy a new car before his current car dies.

Work Roth IRA's into our 80/20 plan. Also convince Gameboy that we should both be doing Roths.

Get to know one of my neighbors.

Give more.

Figure out a better work life balance.

Reduce the knitting stash.

Join/serve on a nonprofit board.

Move 10 minutes each day. This can be strength, aerobics, yoga, whatever.

Grow my own food (well some of it) this summer.

I could keep going but that is more than enough to start with. Anything major you're working on in the new year?

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Cathy said...

Those are great! One biggie for us is paying off our credit cards. We also want to get back into excercising and taking better care of ourselves in our middle age. :) Happy New Year!