Thursday, July 30, 2009

A bit weirded out

I should be doing some work, but I'm over it so I decided to go through some things I'd starred on my blog reader. I came across an article about insurance for DINKs which got me thinking about life insurance. Right now we're both covered through work, but have been talking about getting real insurance for a while now.

When you're considering how much life insurance you need you take into account your debt (check), how much support your spouse will need for how long, and how much your funeral will cost. So I started looking into alternatives to burial.

I'm thinking cremation or donating my body to science* right now. So I'm poking around looking for costs and options and I find this. I'm sure to some the fact that I want to be cremated is weird, but I find the thought of compacting my body to be a bit freaky.

*though do I really want 20 something interns dissecting me...

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