Friday, July 17, 2009

Giving in to A/C

I am one of those people who loves to sleep. A good night's sleep makes my day and bad sleep usually means I'm going to be really grumpy and unproductive. This may be why I'm writing this post in my pj's instead of working right now.

Our general night routine is open window with a fan and open blinds to let the air in. Until a week ago this worked great. The room was cool enough for him and I can sleep just about anywhere. But now I can't quite sleep through the night. When the sun starts coming up and the neighborhood sprinkler start coming on I wake up half way with lots of random lists running through my head. When he gets up, turns off the fan and closes the blinds I fall into a super deep sleep. The problem is I usually need to get myself up within an hour of him getting up.

Until now the A/C has only been on a few times for a few hours. Overnight it's cool enough to balance out the high day time temps, saving us a lot of money. But I'd pay an extra $200/month if it ensured good sleep, though I don't think our bills will go up that much.

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