Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Funk + Celebrate

Personally the past three days have been pretty rough. Some things that aren't really blog appropriate have me in a bit of a funk and very thankful for a job and boss that is flexible. Yesterday at my staff meeting I told my boss "I'm going through some medical stuff and will probably be working from home a bit more than often." She said ok and asked if she could do anything. I let her know I'd email what I'm doing/where I'll be each morning. I could go in, but I work in an office that is just too cheerful for me at the moment. I'm going to make sure and go in one day this week (tomorrow or Friday) and at least 3 days next week.

In the midst of the funk my husband (finally) got a promotion. He applied 2-3 months ago, interviewed 7 weeks ago, was told he got it last week only to be told there were a few glitches. I'm really happy for him. The extra money will be nice but it's a move that he feels he deserves. His attitude right now is to make all of the people who thought he couldn't cut it realize they're wrong with his performance.

For the most part we're going to keep going with our current plan and try to bank my salary and live on his. We're still trying to figure out a few details, like if his phone allowance can go towards our current family plan (or if we want it to) and what that means for the day to day. There's also the car allowance to play with. He'll get a certain amount to cover gas/maintenance each month. After paying for his gas we could put the money into a maintenance fund, use it for insurance, or use it to pay down his car loan. Finally there's setting up a home office. The new position is essentially outside sales so he'll use his work office (27 miles away) as a base some days and a home office as a base other days. Our 4th bedroom is currently set up as an office, but it's also full of his toys. He'd like to work away from the distractions so we'll need to set up an area (or change the current area) and get him supplies, namely a printer. As we get more details we'll figure it all out.

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