Monday, June 8, 2009

E-fund tax and life

Where did the week go?

In the near future (ie after I discuss with the other half) I plan on enacting a new rule for our efund. I am super hesitant to ever touch the efund, even when it makes sense. He is always ready to use it. The solution- the efund usage tax. Every time we take money from the efund we have to replenish what was taken (normal) and add additional funds. For instance amount taken plus and additional $1,000. When I talk to him we'll work out the exact details-how much the tax is, how quickly the money needs to be replenished, and if there are any exceptions.

The actuall discussion will probably have to wait a week because this week will be a bit more stressful than most. At work I'm nearing the end of our fiscal year. Due to my late start date (3 months into our fiscal year) and other things just not working out I have a lot of money to spend. Since I'm working with tax dollars and on the behalf of the kids in my community, though I have thousands to spend I want to use to be responsible in my use of the funds. His job just moved teams around so he is starting with a new boss and hopefully will be interviewing for a promotion.

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