Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Great Return

My pre trip organization goes something like this:

  • Lay out (or list) clothes I plan to pack
  • Decide I hate all of my clothing
  • Decide which essential items will keep me from being a fashion disaster
  • Shop like crazy

Generally during the 'shop like crazy' period I'm also trying to finish things up at work, get the house in order, and spend some quality time with loved ones. So I run in, sometimes trying things on, other times just pulling things off of the rack. What I end up with are a few key pieces that I like and a lot of crazy.

Because I know this about me I'm very careful with my receipts & bags. Until I know I love something the tags stay on. Sometimes there are mini fashion shows. And then I decide what I actually like and what looks rediculous.

Once I'm back from my trip I neatly fold things back into their bags and begin the great return. Today I returned two dresses, a shirt and a pair of jeans. That totaled $173. Tomorrow I'll do round two, a few shirts from one store and a few pieces from another. This includes the trench that my loving husband said would keep him from leaving the house with me. That will be around $140.

The key is to get everything back to the stores in the same billing cycle. Usually if you check online or call in you balance due will be reduced. Even more important is asking about the return policy before you purchase, so you know the dress that you loved but may hate can actually be returned.

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