Monday, June 1, 2009

Adding to the Money Plan

We've been homeowners for 10.5 months now. As we knew it would, this has done all sorts of things to our monthly finances. So far there haven't been any huge surprises (well other than how expensive landscaping is) and things are going well.

But there's a problem. In our drive to pay down debt and handle the necessities around the house there are a lot of household items we haven't gotten. They aren't things that we need to live, but are things that would make our house a lot more comfortable. My wishlist includes- art/decoration for the walls, a patio table, a dinning table, and a new to us grill. In the next few years we'll also need baby furniture.

These purchases are big enough that most month's we couldn't just buy them. They're also not emergencies, though sometimes my husband thinks otherwise- no grill = major emergency in his mind.

So starting this month we're going to put $150 into a household account so we can buy household things without (me) feeling guilty.

Our monthly set asides will now be:
Insurance $350
House Account $150
Utilities $121 (I pay what's due and save the difference)

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