Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking Security too Far

After Chase bought WaMu my husband decided he no longer liked his personal credit card. This was in the time period just after buying a card and when we were considering refinancing. We bought the house just using my info to avoid the self employed hassle that made most of his employment history at the time. With the tightened credit market we weren't sure if we would be able to swing the refi with just my income.

Instead of having even more credit pulls while looking for a new card I shopped from my credit report. We added him as a joint user to a card with a longish history & healthy limit that I was worried would get closed. Since then it's been his primary personal card.

Though he's the person who set the username and password he got locked out this morning. Because he's just a joint user (not joint owner) I had to make the calls to get it unlocked and the passwords reset. I hid my copy of the card when I got it, so I couldn't have the card numbers.

So I call. Put in my social security (which for once actually made something pop up on the other side and they didn't ask again in 2 minutes). Get a guy on the phone. He takes me through verification questions that require knowing where the card was used, last amount paid, or the information on the card. The one thing I could answer (if my wallet weren't missing) was my driver's license number. I ask if that will get me through later.

I find my wallet, go to work, come home and try again. I do the social. Confirm the credit limit. Give my driver's license number. Confirm the names of people on the account. Offer to give the social for someone else on the account. I explain that I don't actually use the card. That my husband is the primary, but because of their security system he can't make the call. I also confirm the address on the account. All this and the girl will not reset my password.

While I appreciate them trying to protect me from identity theft the call was pretty ridiculous. After a brief conversation with the manager she agreed. But why make a girl get salty on the phone?

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