Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Me at the bank

Today I wasn't feeling well so I left work a little early. I detoured on the way home to deposit a check from babysitting last week. This is how it went:

Drive thru banker: Ms. Sara L, do you have a personal banker
Me: Not here, why?
Drive thru banker: Well you have a sizeable balance and we want to make sure your money is working it's best for you.
Me: Oh, that. We have a sizeable credit card bill due this week.

Good to know they're looking out though. This bill is pretty high ($7K range), to anyone else the balance would probably look rediculous. Just under half are expenses associated with Dad moving out. Did I ever blog about that? Anywho, we also charged the downpayment for the Prius. The regular day to day expenses are around their usual amount to round out the balance.

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