Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seattle Here I Come

Being away from the day to day responsiblities, my financial spreadsheet, and thinking about our life in general I've decided we need to take a vacation. In July we will have lived together for 3 years. We traveled (5 days) for our wedding/honeymoon because of restrictions at his new job. Outside of Gameboy coming on a work trip with me that's the only time away from home we've had together.

Our next planned vacation was supposed to be Japan. I haven't really written about it because we wanted to get the car/house stuff settled before starting to save. I know when we get around to saving for this trip it will not be cheap, putting the trip at least 1.5 years out.

What I didn't realize is how much that amount of time was weighing on me. It's more than a love of travel. Part wanderlust, part time for reflection, part special memories travel is really important to me. Though we've taken individual trips that ease this I really want to explore with Gameboy.

So while I was traveling I decided that this summer we're going to the Pacific NW. So far there are not many details. Seattle is a must because he has a lot of friends there and I've always been intrigued. We may also visit Portland. The trip length will be somewhat affected by hotel costs, but somewhere between 4-7 days.

Looking at the budget spreadsheet today I realized that late summer/early fall is more realistic. June will be a heavy month, but during July/August we should be able to work out saving for a trip in addition to our regular debt payments.

Any suggestions of things to do, placest to stay, where to eat, etc are welcome!

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