Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random + Net Worth Updates

It's a few days past month end, but all of the transfers from our last paychecks have finally settled.

Net Worth: A positive balance is so close I can almost feel it! Assuming things don't fall apart this summer I think I could be there by mid fall.

Carolla: My car is officially paid off. I added the KBB private party sale price to the net worth calculations now that we own it outright. Now the goal is not to wreck the car. I know a lot of people who have damaged a car right after they purchase. Today I came close when my brakes locked up and I spun out on the highway. I'm fine and the car's fine but it was the second scariest experience of my life.

Prius: I love how easy it is to pay this loan. I've been going on about it all month and sending little payments to figure out the system. To pay I just do a share to loan transfer. The loan detail is there immediately, with how much went to interest and how much went to principal. Until the due date it subtracts from the monthly payment. Once you've made your full payment for the month any payments before the due date are principal payments. Compared to most accounts where an extra payment means a paper check to some random address this makes me so very excited. As you can tell I can't stop talking about it. The only part of the system that needs some work is getting money to the credit union. Currently it looks like: paycheck-brick and mortar- ING- credit union. Very inelegant. Later this summer once things (hopefully) stabilize one of use will probably set up a payroll deposit to the credit union.

Refinance: We didn't go for the crazy quick refi. The timeline was too scrunched and the closing dates outlined overlapped with some can't miss meetings. Since I'm in meetings 3 days then on vacation for 6 taking the time off wasn't an option. I'm going to call our current mortgage company this week to get info from them.

Landscaping: I put this decision in Gameboy's hands and he decided on xeriscaping. There will probably be some creative financing to make it happen, it depends on what happens with the strike and if Gameboy's commissions that should have been paid 1 month ago ever come in. At worst I will loan 'us' some money from personal savings.

Jobs: It seems very likely that he will be on strike starting next week. We've been working on a strike plan to pull in income. I'm hoping his union/management will come together with a deal that makes the job worth having. My job is entirely grant funded. My grants all expire at the end of June. One funder will let us know in the next two weeks. My main funder hasn't put out reapplication docs. This will be addressed while I'm on vacation, but I'd like to get it over with.

Vacation: Despite all of the crazy I'm still going on and will totally enjoy my vacation. We have efund money, I have personal savings that we can use in a pinch, and worse comes to worse I can nanny for the summer or he can go back to his former industry. He's been getting inquiries about the former industry which mean more money but less stability. I have things for graduation girl A, my former roommate and graduation girl B (after much prodding) requested cash. I'm working on creative packaging. Also thinking about getting some of the cash exchanged for her summer trip to Europe.

Lowes Card: We purchased appliances when we purchased the house. A series of mishaps led to returns/repurchases. So while I thought all of those funds were due mid July I recently realised that things are due in July, August, and September. We've decided to pay each portion of the bill the month before it's due. This is a final back up in the event of a cash flow issue this summer, but getting each portion getting paid on time is our number one priority.

Those are the big things happening in our life right now.

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