Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm back from a wonderful whirlwind vacation full of friends & family. In my mind vacations fall into two categories- people and/or places. This was definitely a people trip. I didn't take in any other the major sites in the cities I visited. I ran errands with my mom and aunt, went to the mall with another friend, and in general just hung out. The most important thing for me was to get to spend time with some of my favorite east coast people and celebrate two wonderful graduates.

I'm pretty sure I came in under budget, because while on the trip I didn't pay detailed attention to what I was doing. I did a lot of big picture thinking though, about debt, our future plans, making the most of time, our decision to settle in the west and the differences in lifestyle between my friends and myself. In a perfect world I would have had today and tomorrow to more properly mull over these thoughts, putting them into an actionable plan.

Instead I'll be working at least one night this week to meet a deadline. Our admin assistant was supposed to get a few things done in advance of my return to make these three days easier. I'll get the report done, but honestly my heart* isn't in it.

My house is also...interesting. Housework is not my husband's forte and while he straightened certain areas others look like a tornado hit. The back yard, which was pretty low before I left enjoyed the combination of rain and working sprinklers and looks like a jungle. Despite the work deadline (or because of it) I need some order at home so tonight we'll be in the yard with our mower, soon to be acquired weed whacker and maybe some weed spray.

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