Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A different type of stockpiling

Usually when I hear about stockpiling I think about buying food staples. While I like the idea we live in a small place and don’t really have the storage. Last weekend when I was sick I thought of another type of stockpiling that we need to do. When you’re sick and feel like crap driving to different stores to get the best price isn’t a priority.

Laying in bed with a fever, lamenting how much money Gameboy was spending I decided to make a list of things to keep on hand to keep the grocery budget in check. We tend to get colds, migraines, and stomach bugs, with an occasional fever thrown in. In general we don’t get sick that often, but with the new job this could change for me.


Cold/sinus stuff

The name brands aren’t things I stick to but they get the point across.

In the next few weeks I’m going to keep an eye out for good prices to replace what was used up over the weekend. Once I’m back at my baseline I’m going to work on adding extras.

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