Saturday, February 16, 2008

It pays to ask

Earlier this week while we were driving through the mountains I asked a lot of questions. One had to do with cell phones. We are on the road or traveling a lot, so most have increased their monthly minutes. I was thinking about taxes (and how I really need to do mine) when I asked if they write of cell phone usage as a buisness expense. They let me know that we get $25/mth to apply to our phones.

I didn't remember seeing this in my checks so I looked over my last stub. I was sad to see the 12.50 was missing but didn't let this stop me. On Friday when I was in the office I visited HR. Within an hour I had an unexpected check for 37.50 and assurances that my next check will be correct. Now I just have to decide whether it should go towards my student loans or the emergency fund.

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