Friday, February 29, 2008

Goal Reevaluation

Student loans- Originally the plan was an additional 3000 in principal. The problem has been the amount of time I spend figuring out interest paid, especially since my payment date gets pushed back with every payment I make.

New Goal- $5979 by 12/31/08 (29% accomplished)

This will be a little less than paying 3000 in principal but something I can attain with more ease.
Emergency fund- I had a number in my mind at the beginning but failed to write it down.

New Goal- $2000 by 6/30/08 (55% accomplished)

Car Loan- This wasn’t in the original goal for the year but the tanking interest rates have me wanting to speed up the payment timeline.

Goal- An extra $25/month

Wedding fund- This one has taken back seat at the moment. I can only handle so much at once.

The funds will come from my salary and extra income. I'm still working on the March budget so I don't have exact details yet.

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