Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Plan

To achieve the goals of the year I have a few different things I plan to do. The first is to increase the amount of money I make. I started doing most of these things while I was in school last year and have decided to continue even though I have a full time job now. The short list includes mystery shopping, babysitting, online surveys, and consulting work. These are the things that work best for me based on my skills and available time. On any given day I do at least one of these things to keep additional funds flowing in. Obviously some of these are more lucrative than others. In the next week I’ll start outlining each of these types of work.

The second half of the plan includes saving and snowflaking. I plan on using my mystery shopping and survey earnings to snowflake my student loan debt. Babysitting and consulting money will go towards the down payment and wedding funds.

The final part of the plan is reducing our spending. I know that when I head into the grocery store with a plan I do a lot better. I’m also working on making our apartment more energy efficient to cut the electric bills. The final thing is avoiding the places that seem to pull the money from my pockets.

More to come later

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