Friday, April 4, 2008

April Goals

The trip this week was a bit crazy. It included an allergic reaction, a 4 am discussion with the front desk, being lost in a town the size of a postage stamp, and driving home in a snow storm. I have a general idea on what happened in March but haven't actually crunched the numbers. Instead I present the April Goals:
  • $400 in snowflakes
  • $175 for groceries
  • maintaining our newly revised cleaning schedule
  • contributing $100/pay period to my IRA account

The first three are pretty much self explanatory. So far this year I haven't been saving for retirement. Even though I'm working to pay down debt I think it's important to save for retirement. After going through 5 pay periods and three months of paying the bills I feel like I have a handle on where things are going. $100 a pay period isn't a lot, but will likely be scaled up once a few things with Gameboy get stabilized.

I've also decided that the snowflakes should go towards my car payments instead of the student loans. In the near future I'll post more in depth about this. The general idea I can pay off the car loan sooner and interest on my car loan isn't tax deductible.

The final change for April is a snowflake account. We have a few things going on and are saving up the money instead of making overpayments. Once everything is worked out the snowflake account will all get put towards the car. So instead of measuring what I paid off I'll be measuring the snowflakes I collect.

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