Monday, April 7, 2008

Small Quarterly Update

This morning I started wondering how much I've paid towards my debt this year. To be honest when I updated my sidebars the other day I was a little bummed. So this morning I did a little math and learned something that made me really proud.

In the first 3 months this year $3339.29 has gone to my student and car loan companies. Of that, $2,039.65 was in overpayment. That makes me so excited I don't really konw what to say. It gives me the motivation to keep moving forward with my saving and spending plans, despite what the progress bars say.


Shuchong said...

Wow! When you look at it that way, the numbers seem huge. Kudos!

spillingbuckets said...

Keep it up!

That's a lot of overpayment, and it should really pay off at the end.