Saturday, April 5, 2008

March Goal Review

Each month I'm trying to get a little better at saving money and paying things off. For the month I exceeded one goal, shifted two others, and failed on a fourth. It's not perfect, but I'll take it.

Groceries- 235.01. Another way of putting it would be significantly ($85.01) over budget. When I set the goal a made a few assumptions about my travel schedule for the month that had an opposite impact. Instead of spending less because I wasn't home for over a week I spent more because I didn't have time to plan grocery visits like I usually do. I gave myself an extra $25 for this month and am going to do my best to get grocery planning and shopping done around my trips.

Emergency fund- The goal was to get it up to $2000 by June. I got a nice sized check for my contract work and decided to throw it all at the emergency fund. I've since upped the emergency fund goal to $3000. The goal will be the end of the year.

Car loan- I wanted to do an additional $25/mth. Half way through the month I changed my direction on the car and student loans so TFS got an extra $425. From here on out this loan will be the beneficiary of my snowflakes.

Student loans- Since I've decided to shift towards paying off the car this goal is on hold. Before the change I paid 179.37 towards these loans.

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