Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear local news

It is April, 27 days after the start of Spring. Can we call it something other than a Winter Storm Warning. The thought of 5 inches of snow is more than enough.

Also, to the fire marshal in a county 4 hrs away. If the snow is falling so fast that I can't see your jacket why not move the fire press conference inside?

And finally, to the folks who have managed to start 3 fires in my state and 2 in a neighboring state. Remember that we live in the desert. When it's not actively snowing lets refrain from burning trash and doing other fun things that start major fires. OK?

Now returning to my regularly (well somewhat regularly) scheduled blogging on finance and frugality.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your in Colorado too! Fires and snow? What a day.

Jane said...

I have felt your pain. I grew up in ROchester, NY and spring snowstorms were pretty common. They are such a buzz kill!