Monday, December 1, 2008

Personal Coupons

Gameboy- Gift Spoiler Alert

I always love the idea of personal coupons/certificates as gifts. In general I prefer to give experiences than stuff. I also look at it as a way to spread the feeling of the holidays throughout the year. That said-I've never done them. This is mainly because I a)procrastinate and b) I get a bit type A about gifts.

The key is getting something that the person you have in mind would really like. A few generic (but nice) ideas are a nice dinner (in or out), a fully prepared picnic, a massage, and doing their chores. For kids some ideas are a day at the zoo, doing their favorite activity, a day off of chores, or being able to stay up late. I try to think of things that I'm not likely to do on a day to day basis or would make life easier for the other person.

This year I'm planning on pairing coupons with the things I'm buying for Gameboy's Christmas and birthday presents. So far 'stuff' wise I'm planning on DVD's of his favorite show or a few movies he loved this year. He loves playing games of all sorts (hence the name) so I'm also thinking about getting a few board games. Another item on my list is gear for me for his favorite team.*

To go with those gifts I'm thinking about coupons making coupons for the following. I'm still working on better names.
'Watch any movie you would like' (2-3)
'Game day' (a whole weekend day of games)
'Game night' (inviting friends over, I'll do the extra cleaning I'd ususaly make him do and make something yummy)
'Sunday Pass' (gametime treats & watching the whole game with him)
'Sunday Pass 2' (taking in the game at the bar of his choice, I'll pick up the tab)
'Bake-off' (I'll make one of his favorite treats, ususally reserved for specical occasions)

For some these may sound weird but they are things I know he would really enjoy. Most of the things I've come up with won't cost me anything. The things with an associated cost will be stretched over the coming months, also making holiday spending easier.

To make the certificates look nice I'm planning on using:
clip art/logos around the text
colored paper
a hole punch and ribbon/yarn to hold it together

*He's mentioned that he would like me to be able to dress up with him for games.


Shuchong said...

You are officially the best wife ever:) Those sound like great gifts!

My parents used to give me coupons like those as presents, and I always loved them. I got a "certificate of mobility" when I was 15, saying that I could take my driver's test and get a permit when the snow cleared. It was one of the best presents I've ever received:)

Circuit City Coupons said...

I love receiving coupons too. I wish I can receive more coupons this Christmas. My wish list is a really cool electronic gadget.. . I hope my parents give me coupons too. . .

QL girl said...

I just thought of a good one for my boyfriend...The "I'll drive tonight" coupon, lol. (He's always the DD)

I've usually stayed away from coupons because they feel...well, really cheesy, lol. I'm thinking of trying them this year though. I have a few weeks to make them look cool! Thanks for the ideas.

Angie said...

If you're looking for an addictive board/card game--try Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. A couple of friends got my boyfriend and I hooked on it--and we've spread the addiction to my family and our friends. The starter set (blue and yellow cards) is probably about 30 and then there are 10 booster decks you can add on. The most cost-effective (but pricey) way to get the game is to buy the starter and all 10 booster decks on eBay for about $100.