Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why I Avoid Shopping

I'm pretty good on the day to day shopping. I can get in and out of most grocery stores and Target with just the things I planned on buying (or remembered that I need-the problem with lists in your head). Usually I just avoid other shopping, though I have decent restraint.

Yesterday I decided to see if there was anything worth it for cyber-Monday. I looked at TV's. I looked at kitchen tables. I found a great deal on 2 seasons on Gameboy's favorite show. I found another item I wanted to buy him. And then I found this...

In my defense I did not go searching. It's like the evil folks on the other end of things knew that I've been wanting one of these for 2 years. At the old place our kitchen was too small though. And they're expensive. To make the situation a bit weirder the night before I told my mom that I didn't think the mixer was a good wedding present b/c Gameboy wouldn't really use it. The grill (or part of a grill) would be a better present for us as a couple.

Most days I could have walked away. In fact I did, twice. But we're talking $140 below sticker price (after $20 rebate) with free shipping. Then I mentioned (or maybe re-mentioned) it to my enabler husband.

Though we don't NEED it he knows I've wanted one for some time. He mentioned the price being right. I hemmed and hawed, meanwhile thinking about all of the lovely things I could make. Then he said we can easily afford it and told me to click buy.


QL girl said...

So jealous!! I want one! lol. I've kept myself from buying one because I'm still living at my parents house and the space is limited....once I move out though I'm afraid I might fall into temptation.

Let me know how it goes, and if they're as great as everyone says they are, hehe.

J. Money said...

AWESOME, good for you :) yes it's a lot of money, and yes you could *probably* use it else where, but you gotta do what makes you happiest sometimes!

contrary to popular belief, that's what money's for - to enjoy the things you really like!

so great job over there :) and give some props to your enabler/husband too. he he..

Anonymous said...


Believe it or not.... my boyfriend came with one of those! Amazing.

Congrats on your purchase -- thats sooo exciting!

sara l said...

In the end I think I'll more than make up for the cost in use. And it's really pretty. In 1-2 weeks I'll be able to test it out!

J.Money- you're right, money is to enjoy the things you like. Though paying off debt is great, there are other things I like to.