Friday, March 27, 2009

Meal Planning Month

In general I'm not someone who makes a meal plan. In the past I could get away with it, coming home from work and tossing something together. Other times I'd make a casserole or two and that would be a few meals. But since the new job, house, or housemate (insert whichever) I have not been able to get it together for more than a week or two. Lately I've been eating out too much. That and eating cereal for dinner- a lot. We've also essentially been putting money in the compost bin with vegetables that have gone bad.

So even though I generally don't like meal planning I'm going to see if it will work this month. The goal is 5-6 dinners each week and lunches for work. I'm pulling out cookbooks, visiting blogs, and calling mom to try to get things together, one week at a time. Any recommendations for vegetarian (lacto-ovo) recipes are appreciated. Assuming I can get my act together I'll be posting my weekly plan.

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