Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meal Planning-Week 1

Today was moving day for my father in law. I got to watch delivery guys put together furniture and then sit around while the guys loaded a truck with boxes. This gave me the perfect opportunity to pour through a few cookbooks.

I think that each recipe will last 2-3 meals, especially now that I'm back to just one guy in the house. I have five for the week, though other than tomorrow I'm not going to assign food to any certain day. I'm taking baby steps with this meal planning thing.

Sunday- Potato Leek Cheddar Soup w onion focaccia
Pasta Carbonara (w/ Veggie Bacon)
Tortilla Casserole
Pasta w Herbed Ricotta (need basil- may use arugula, chives)
Mushroom Empanadas

I'll let you know how they go- the only thing I've made before is the soup. Depending on how ambitious I'm feeling I may tally the costs associated.

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Jane said...

The potato leek soup sounds so good. I hope you can update us on how that turns out.