Thursday, April 2, 2009

1st Quarter Check In

We're a quarter of the way through 2009. This is crazy. I thought this would be a good time to look at my annual goals and see what I still need to do.

Things I'm making good progress on. Things I've thought about but scheduled for later. Things I'm not doing well on.

Pay off my car by May. Possible, but not very likely. End of June should happen though.
Buy Gameboy a new car before his current car dies. No luck. Also why my car won't be paid off next month.
Work Roth IRA's into our 80/20 plan. Kinda. 8% of my 80% goes towards my Roth IRA. I want something a little more concrete for both of us- see below.
Also convince Gameboy that we should both be doing Roths. Haven't started this one yet. Wanted to get my car paid off first.
Get to know one of my neighbors. It's still snowing. I'll work on this once it's nice outside.
Give more. I've donated more than I usually do at this time of the year. I've also found an organization I think I want to volunteer with regularly.
Figure out a better work life balance. Getting there. I only check my work email from home twice a day (once before, once after). I also have a better feel for when things are going to get crazy.
Reduce the knitting stash. Umm... this would involve not buying more yarn. Which I haven't been doing. I blame all the new babies that need hats from baby yarn, that's most of the yarn purchases. I have found a use for 3-4 foot pieces of yarn that I got from freecycle a while back.
Join/serve on a nonprofit board. This will be a summer/fall activity.
Move 10 minutes each day. This can be strength, aerobics, yoga, whatever. Until my around birthday I was great. He got sick, I got sick, work deadline, helping dad move, his car situation. Not good reasons to ignore my health. I started up again yesterday.
Grow my own food (well some of it) this summer. Seedlings started! Materials for a raised bed mostly purchased. If nothing else there will be veggies this summer.

I'll update networth once all of my transfers go through.

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