Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 deadlines met

Can I take a nap now?

This week was a bit crazy because I had a grant application, grant spending deadline, and quarterly report all due between Wednesday and tomorrow. Other than physically driving the grant to the submission location tomorrow (after it gets a signature) I'm all done.

Usually this would be cause for a drink. Or at least a nap. But neither seem to be in the cards for me. Unless I go take a nap in my car in the work parking lot. I'm picking up my second most favorite guy, my mom's friend's 6 yr old, from child care in a bit and hanging out with him for a while. Then I'll leave him at my house with my husband and go sit for the preschool triplets.

I think a trip to Sonic for one of their happy hour sweet teas is in order. I hate the styrafoam cups (Sonic, if you're reading, can we do something about that) but I think sugar and caffeine are going to be necessary to get me through the evening.

UPDATE: Inspired by this Dooce post I decided to try and take a cat nap in the car. I didn't want to deal with moving the booster seat so I reclined the drivers seat, used my cardigan as a blanket, and turned NPR down so I could barely hear it. I set my alarm and immediately fell out. It was one of those naps where you wake up feeling a little stupid- totally wonderful.

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