Saturday, April 18, 2009

My 403(b) hasn't lost money!

I started my new job in September. By the time I settled in, met with someone about investing options, and got the paperwork together my contributions began in 2009. I'm doing 8% percent pre tax to the 403(b) and 8% post tax towards my Roth.

The 403(b) account is my only financial account that I can't access online. The brokerage is kind of crazy with the security and I haven't had the time to jump throught the 15 hoops they require. I got my first quarterly statement last week. Until I get through those hoops this is my only access to how my accont is doing. Considering the current market that's probably better for my blood pressure.

My account total- $13.56 higher than what I contributed. Not amazing, but a positive number makes me happy.

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