Thursday, April 30, 2009

My BFF- The Library

For as long as I can remember I've loved reading. I was the kid reading with a night light after lights out or reading a book hidden in my desk during classes I thought were boring. As such, the Mt. Pleasant library was one of my favorite places to go (the park, my cousin's house and Popeyes also made that list).

I've always known that the library saves me tons of money but how do you (in a relatively easy way) quantify those savings? Use this handy calculator. My savings? $172.95 a month. The cost savings are based on avereage full cost prices, which I wouldn't pay. But even half my savings plus paying $20 in fines is more $66 each month.

In addition to being frugal the library is good for the environment. The books get read over and over again, so the paper that goes into it is reused. This reduces the number of copies that need to be printed thus reducing paper.

If you haven't been in a while check it out. Most libraries have DVDs, CDs, and community education in addition to books. My local library even offers online books, cutting paper out of the process entirely.

Happy Thrifty Green Thursday!

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Greenbaby said...

So true! And not only does the library save money and resources, it eliminates clutter from your home. Instead of being surrounded by stacks of rarely used books we can just read it, return it, and keep our space uncluttered. Thanks for joining us this Thrifty Green Thursday!