Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Somehow the personal and busy times seem to overlap. Nothing I can't handle, but it's keeping me on my toes.

Taxes- almost done

Adjusting car loan- we got a loan from a dealer with the option to shop the loan for 45 days. I'm using a long distance credit union that will be great once I get through the hoops. I need to get pay stubs and possibly this year's taxes to them.

Dealing with old car- the mechanic who has it has been very against donating it. He wants us to give him the title to wipe out our diagnostic bill. I think he's full of it. Gameboy is going to see if he'll forget the bill and give us a few hundred. Otherwise it's being donated.

Landscaping- we got the quote for the front yard. I almost fell over. I understand why so many people use grass even though it's more maintenance and water. We have to decide how important low maintenence and water consumption are for us. Also if there is a way to work the price into our budget.

Grant spend down- I have 3 grant budgets that I run. All have spend down deadlines, one in April and two in June. I've been working on getting programming together for June and paying tuition bills for April. Yesterday I learned that 8 people never attended classes so I have a few thousand to reallocate.

Maternity leave madness- my director is on maternity leave. Before she left we created a pretty plan. The stuff covered on the plan is fine, more work but manageable. It's all the other stuff that comes up that makes my head spin.

External players- really this should be external players that don't return calls/emails. Recently I've had a few who don't get back to me then after a deadline want me to rework things. I'm so over this.

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