Sunday, March 23, 2008

A different kind of drive through

Friday morning I got up, got ready for work, and headed out the door. I had a site visit in the morning and a meeting in the office directly after. As I pulled up to the site I realized what I didn't have was my lunch.

When the visit was over I started thinking about which drive-thru to visit on my way to the office. I was too far from home to make it to my meeting on time. Somewhere along the way I realized I would pass a Target so I decided to go in and buy what I would have brought for lunch. It took me 11 minutes between pulling off and back onto the road. I picked up a yogurt, banana, and chocolate bar (don't ask) for $1.27. Even with the chocolate bar this was healthier than anything I would have gotten at a drive-thru and less expensive too.

Next time I go into the office I plan on taking in a stack of frozen meals to avoid this happening in the future. That and trying to remember my lunch.


Shuchong said...

I like it! If you forget a meal (and I do, more than I should) why not go with the healthier and cheaper option:)

We are THAT family said...

I would chalk it up to NEEDING the chocolate! Are you doing Dave Ramsey? My hubby and I are teaching it at our church right now.

El Cheapo said...

My work refrigerator is my second fridge. On occasion I even get yelled at for keeping some things in there.. but I don't care. Keeping it well stocked, especially with some frozen food I can heat-up in a pinch... is a definite life saver.

sara l said...

@ WATF: It was on sale and temptation won. I'm not totally doing Dave Ramsey. But I'm using some of his principals.

@El Cheapo: The sad thing is I have 10 frozen meals in the home fridge for just this purpose. I just haven't gone straight to the office and remembered to bring them.