Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Fast -Day 87

At the beginning of the year I put myself on a fast. Outside of food/entertainment a significant portion of my cash flow was going to yarn. I knit and crochet and built up a sizable stash.* We have an armoire with two drawers at the bottom that I claimed immediately on delivery. Within a few month the armoire and two small baskets I keep near the couch for projects in progress were both overflowing.

I chose a yarn fast (no buying yarn, period) for a few reasons. First, I was spending all this money when I have supplies at home. The yarn was also taking over and making my attempts to keep things reasonably neat hard. The problem is most of the yarn languishing in the armoire ended up there for a reason. It's a hodge podge of projects I decided against, yarn I loved in the store but that has no real purpose, and leftover for project where I bought too much.

I've had to be extra creative to make projects work, but I think that's a big part of being frugal. Applying creativity to a variety of challenges to save money and keep things simple.

*Sizable by my terms. There are stashes out there that look like they could spawn a yarn store.


spillingbuckets said...

Haha, I have a knitting project I haven't touched in months... This post just reminded me about it.

Time to dig out the needles again.

sara l said...

I won't say the number of projects on needles/hooks... its a bit embarrasing